Welcome to MHO Services

I would like to welcome you to MHO Services.  My aim here is to support clients with the knowledge I have gathered over 35years working in the Electronics Industry.  The common thread of my working life in Electronics has been components, testing, selecting, working production lines and understanding their performance in real life.  Over the years of manufacturing , sales and design the rate of change continues to astonish me and it remains an exciting and challenging environment to work in on a daily basis.

I continue to see new opportunities and technologies that are exciting and demanding. My hope is the experiences I have, projects I’ve seen start up, grow and on occasion die on the vine, will help you to be successful.  I want to remove some of the road blocks and steer you away from dead ends or false starts.

I look forward to working with you on  new and interesting ideas to explore and help bring to fruition.

I am at your service.

Nick Cummins

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