· Bill of Material Costing (comparative or budgetary)

o   Save time and money by getting a costed BOM detailing comparative pricing to help determine project price points on pre-production, initial production and full production volumes.

· Bill of Material analysis to cover 2nd sources/suitability/content accuracy

o   Save on design resource by getting detailed alternative sources, verified manufacturer part numbers and part options for volume production.

· Component selection/review for best fit.

o   Helping device selection by longevity of supply, reliability of manufacturer and ease of sourcing can all help in a BOM that will be easy to source and remove risk of supply.

· Component Sourcing for alternative or second sourcing to reduce risk

o   By working with customers on identifying and sourcing alternative parts for 2nd sourcing or problematic parts, a short list of device can be presented for approval to engineering. This save time and resource distraction by removing the time intensive activity of search and spec reviews.

· Component Sourcing for shortages

o   Prevent line stoppage or production details due to shortages or supply interruption.

· Contract Manufacturing Quote Matrix

o   A fully develop quote matrix ensure accurate quotes from CEMS and highlights missing data to reduce time to quote.

· Contract Manufacturing selection support

o   Knowledge of CEMS, quality standard and audit capability are available to help in selection based on customer requirements.

· Project review

o   A practical critique of the project hard ware can help identify alternative solutions and help add features/capabilities, and help guide technology solutions.

· Engineering support (design/layout/prototyping/approvals)

o   If additional support in engineering is required a network of technology experts is available to the customer.

· Green Procurement documentation (REACH/RoHS/MDS etc.)

o   Pulling a data pack together can take a lot of time and energy so I can support this activity to remove the stress and shorten the timescale.